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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Friday, October 31, 2008

Idols, American

All through grammar school and high school -- and, well, hell, now -- I was known as a groupie. Not the bad kind of groupie (I hope no one thought that -- I wasn't!!) but just one of those girls who loved her singers/actors/musicians to distraction. Maybe, then as now, it was an escape -- a chance to live, vicariously, in a world I would never inhabit -- and wouldn't want to, if the truth be known. Anyway, it's all in fun -- was and is. I still have my obsessions and, I imagine will continue to until I drop dead. It's a part of my personality -- just like some folks fanatically follow sports or would knock each other down for a sale at Macy's -- it's all a matter of which pursuits make you happy. Anyway, after my 70s flashback with Three Dog Night last week, I was reminded of a couple of my other loves from that long ago time.

The very first concert I ever went to was the Osmond Brothers. I went with a group of friends -- Elaine, Pam, Lisa -- I think a couple more. We were about ten years old and had seats close to the front. After that, it was David Cassidy -- I remember recognizing the guy he lived with (it was just a roomie situation, as far as I know) and asking for his autograph. His name was Sam. But where that autograph -- or that man -- is today, I couldn't tell you. If I ever see David in person, I'll have to ask him. And, trust me, I would do it.

How about you? Who were your childhood idols?

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