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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Return of Rick Stetler (David Lee Smith)

Rick Stetler finally made an appearance on CSI:Miami. Now, I doubt if this had anything to do with it but a few of us diehard David Lee Smith fans have been posting on the CSI: Miami Community and Talk CSI forums (as well as my own forum and IMDB) suggesting that The Powers That Be bring back the character of Rick. I'd been waiting all season for the measly two or so minutes I got last night but, hey, whatever. It was better than nothing. As always, the tension between Horatio and Rick was palpable -- I've never understood why the writers didn't run with that more than they did. I love watching Caruso and Smith play off of each other but, apparently, foolish storylines involving Julia/Kyle are more important. I'm sorry but Elizabeth Berkley has to be one of the worst casting decisions I've ever seen -- this is not a comment about her acting ability -- it just looks and feels wrong -- Julia would have had to have been a teenager when she gave birth to Kyle and that's enough to put me off of Horatio for being a dirty old(er) man. I'm also not crazy about the Calleigh/Eric relationship either. Seems very forced and, honestly, there's just no chemistry.

Yeah, it's just a TV show but give me a little realism, will you?

Now, I'm concerned that since Ron Saris (actor Kim Coates) is alive (and one scary looking dude) and now that they've made him an informant that something sinister is going to happen to Rick Stetler because of his involvement. And, if that happens, where does that leave David Lee Smith? Well, obviously, dead folk can show back up but, basically, he would be out in the cold as far as CSI:Miami is concerned. That's just unacceptable. The man needs to be in a show where I can observe him weekly.

I'm still thinking a new CSI would be a good fit:

CSI: New Orleans.

David Lee Smith could use his natural (Alabama) southern accent and I think New Orleans would make a good, creepy place to set a crime show.

Hollyweird, I'm waiting for your call.

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