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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Side Out!

If you heard a big sigh of relief it was just me -- volleyball is finally over. Well, I should say traveling volleyball is over -- in a few months (which will seem like mere days), high school volleyball will start (but only training, to begin with, which won't require me getting into the car and going anywhere, except to school. If she isn't driving by summer).

We've just returned from Regionals in Charlotte (NC) -- it's an incredible experience -- the Civic Center taken over by rows and rows of volleyball courts and hundreds of girls hitting a ball with such velocity, it will make your head spin if one happens to hit you in the noggin (and, I would guess that every spectator has been hit that hard, at least once). It's been fun but tiring -- Carrie always asks me why we are so tired when she's the one doing all the work!

I was the Team Mom again this year -- I did it year before last, as well. I've never been one to be mom anything, other than in my own home. I've always preferred to be given a task, rather than be the one shepherding and/or begging. A couple of years ago, though, a group of (new to Club Volleyball) moms were deciding how to divy up the snacks (for tournaments), etc., and after reading the e-mails (I had missed the meeting) I realized that they had no clue what they were in for -- and, quite frankly, I took over. I'm pleased to say that I got thank yous rather than how dare shes. Last year, someone else took the job and that was fine -- this year, I volunteered again because no one else did. The thing is, when the other parents come through when you ask them to do something, the job is easy -- and it was very easy this year. Next time, if someone else wants to step up to the plate, they can -- but I'll do it again if need be -- after all, next year is the last year for us to be involved.

The girls had a so-so year. When they were good, they were very good but when they were bad... On Sunday morning, the first game was horrid -- they were soundly whipped and looked like they had just strolled in off the street. But, they came alive and ended up winning at the end. Well, I say winning -- they were actually third on their net (if you don't know volleyball, then that probably means nothing to you -- but I'm too exhausted to explain).

The funny thing is, in talking to parents on other teams, you hear the same things -- I overheard someone say, "let's see which team shows up" -- which is what we always say about our team -- is it the team which wants to win or the team which doesn't give a flying fig? I also had a discussion with a grandparent from another team about how it's not usually the other team which beats our team but the girls beating themselves. They get demoralized very quickly if the other team jumps to a strong lead and, sometimes, they just give up -- you can see it in their faces. What always troubles me is seeing girls crying on the court when they lose. This should be fun, not a cause for tears. Of course, I realize that teenage girls are emotional -- and that they beat themselves up for their own mistakes, convincing themselves that they lost it for the team. It's never true -- every single girl has good days and bad days and, in the end, you win as a team or lose as one. A hard lesson to learn, though, if it was game point (for the other team) and your serve went out of bounds.

Ah, youth...

Anyway, this week is spring break for us -- it's Masters' week here -- the golfing world is descending on our city but I don't care.

Volleyball is over and I'm sleeping in.

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