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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Friday, May 8, 2009


I mean NEWS FLASH...

After a very frustrating morning -- and some $400 later...I am now the proud owner of five tickets to the 2009 American Idol concert in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Oh, Lord help me and all the people sitting near me...

Anyway, now for the rest of the story:

After checking out the dates for the tour a few days ago, I peeked around the door where my hubby was and said, "Atlanta or Charlotte?"

He rolled his eyes and said. "I'm not wearing a T-shirt."

You see, he knew exactly where I was going with this. Several years ago, we went to another AI concert (with Clay Aiken and also in Charlotte). My two daughters and I wore shirts -- which we'd had made -- which featured words and phrases (Buttercup, Honey Bunch & Sugar Pie) from songs Clay had sung during the competition. My husband wore a shirt which said "Make it Stop". It was very amusing -- well, to the three females -- we even got a mention on one of the big Clay Aiken message boards. Anyway, I knew I couldn't get away with the hubby t-shirt deal this time. However, it may not stop those same three females from acting out again...

Because of our location, Atlanta and Charlotte are about equal distance away -- however, the traffic in Charlotte is nowhere near what it's like in Atlanta so Charlotte's always my first choice, if I can choose between the two. I told Mark that the tickets went on sale at 10 AM on Saturday morning -- and that I preferred him to do the ordering because I knew I'd be way too excited.

Meanwhile, I sent my eldest daughter an e-mail and said, "what are you doing on August 1? Do you want one ticket or two?"

She knew exactly what I was talking about, too. Two tickets, please. Which is good because now hubby will have his son-in-law to commiserate with during the more embarrassing moments. And there will be embarrassing moments.

After checking out the Ticketmaster site, I realized there would be a pre-sale this morning. I don't really get this -- I mean just put the things on sale and be done with it, okay? The thing's gonna' sell out, no matter what. But, at 10 AM, I was ready.

Except every time I tried to order, I was informed I needed a password or a promotion code.

What code?! What password?! Waaaahhhhh!

I had no idea and felt a knot of panic beginning to form in my belly.

I scoured the AI site and grew more and more frustrated. Then, when I was about to give up (at least for awhile), Shannon began IMing me and I told her what was going on. She googled around and came up with a few passwords -- and, lo and behold, it worked. Now, how in the world was I supposed to know I had to do that?! Ah, well...I didn't end up as close as I wanted to be but at least we are on the lower level and not in the nosebleed seats.

So, on August 1, we will be heading to the Time-Warner Arena in Charlotte -- a place I wasn't expecting to return to until volleyball regionals next year.

And I will get to see Adam and the gang -- I can't wait to holler ANOOPDAWG -- although I may have to watch most of it through binoculars -- but at least it'll be live and in person. And will be music to my ears.

And, seriously, my early apologies to all those sitting in section 116...

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