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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

M. Night Shyamalan

I love M. Night Shyamalan movies.

Now, I don't know why this is but I think it's pretty interesting that I always go into Shyamalan's films expecting to like them -- because that isn't always the case with other movies. I've watched films which have gotten great reviews but left me going, "huh?", I've seen a few that I expected to be awful -- and were -- and I've seen some which, according to reviews, were horrendous but have ended up being not so bad. You never really know.

But I can honestly say I've never met a M. Night movie I didn't like.

I seldom go to movies at the theater -- like a lot of other people, I find the prices too high and the company not very appealing -- I usually just wait for movies to come on one of the myriad movie channels we get -- I may have to wait a little longer but I end up seeing most movies in the privacy of my own home. I don't have to dress to go out, or breathe in a bunch of germs, or listen to people squawk on their cellphones. I've said it before but I'm totally addicted to TiVo.

So, because of my theatrophobia (not really but I wanted to use that word) I've just now watched The Happening -- a film about what appears to be a deadly toxin which causes people to commit suicide. Okay, that doesn't sound like a fun day in the park but, as a female who isn't enamored of so-called chick-flicks, it's right up my alley. Now, I admit that maybe Mark Wahlberg's acting was a little on the iffy side in this movie (he's done much better) but I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was watching, wondering what was going to happen next.

Most people are probably most familiar with Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense -- or maybe Signs. When I think about what's so fascinating about those two films -- and his other ones -- I can only say that all of them seem to take really ordinary people, living really ordinary lives until they are suddenly thrust into some very peculiar -- and frightening -- life or death situations. That appeals to me. Really appeals to me. Sure, other films do that, too, but there's just something about M. Night's movies that hit home for me. Every single time.

One of my favorites was Lady in the Water, which starred the wonderful Paul Giamatti. This movie, if I remember correctly, was roundly panned but I loved the fantasy element which occupies most, if not all of, Shyamalan's work -- and this one was really unique. I suppose I can see how some people wouldn't care for these movies -- maybe they are an acquired taste -- a taste which I acquired immediately after seeing The Sixth Sense.

I love that M. Night inserts himself into his movies -- it's always amusing to see when and where he'll pop up. And though I don't know a whole lot about Philadelphia, I love that he often uses his hometown (reared, not born) as a backdrop in his films -- and as a nod to the city. I also love the twists at the end -- though sometimes that means the film doesn't have a storybook ending. Half the fun, though, is trying to figure out just what the twist will be -- or, sometimes, being totally surprised because the twist is that there is no twist.

So, call me weird but I'm a fan of Mr. Shyamalan -- can't wait for his next one.

Maybe I'll even go to the theater to see it.

And, now that I think about it, this may go a long way toward explaining how my own slightly off-kilter brain actually works.


  1. I love M. Night's work, too, and have seen all his movies. I agree about "Markie Mark," I normally love his acting, but he could have been better. I love Zoey Deshanal - she is usually so funny, so seeing her in a serious role was great! The Happening was such a scary movie because it has the potential to be a real occurance. I think one of my favorites is Unbreakable, although Sixth Sense will always be my very favorite.

  2. Yes, I think the possible "realness" of The Happening, did make it scarier. And I figured, when it neared the end, that it wasn't over...

  3. he's disapointed me the last few times, but i'll always see them.
    great blog. i'm following you now. you should check out/follow mine. i've got all things books...

  4. I love his movies, too. And yep, I'm always trying to find him in them. It's like a big ole "Where's Waldo?" I haven't seen The Happening yet but I'm hoping we will get to it this weekend. One of my alltime favorite movies is Signs. And I loved The Village, too.

  5. I liked The Village, too -- even if I did have it halfway figured out before the end!

    Thanks, Kelly -- I'll check out your blog!