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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thoughts to begin the year with...

My first thought -- and prayer -- for the new year -- is please let it be a good one. It's probably too much to ask -- life is seldom good all the time (though God is). Anyway, here are some thoughts, things I'm looking forward to and things which are already bugging me...


No, not the show (I've never seen it) but just that my husband will be wearing scrubs every day again! Now this may sound like a strange thing to be elated about but bear with me. When he was doing anesthesia, he wore scrubs every day -- anesthesia is a hospital-based service so he didn't even have an office -- he saw patients only in the hospital. When he did a fellowship in pain management, that changed. Though he still does procedures, he also sees patients in an office setting -- and, when he does that, he wears slacks and a button-down shirt. However, now that they are opening a block suite at the office, he will be going back and forth between procedures and office visits -- so he'll be back to wearing scrubs all day, every day -- and scrubs are a lot easier to launder! I am, on occasion, easily amused.

The state of the union

I wish I could stop worrying about this but it seems that things are getting worse day by day. Scary, scary stuff going on in DC. I hardly even know what to say anymore. But I feel really bad for future generations because they are going to get the brunt of all the foolish choices which are being made today.

The Endless Forest

The fifth and last book of the Into the Wilderness series by Sara Donati (penname of Rosina Lippi) is coming out this month -- I pre-ordered from Amazon way back when. As with Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, I hate to see this one come to an end -- Nathaniel Bonner gave Jamie Fraser a run for his money in my book. However, I still haven't read DG's Echo in the Bone but I'll probably jump right into this one. I recommend this series to anybody who loves American history. Or anybody who loves to read.

Ball's up!

We're about to start our last year with the CSRA HEAT. I guess I should say Carrie is about to start her last year. It's bittersweet -- I won't miss getting up before dawn on Saturday mornings or the long days but I will miss watching her play. I'm sure, though, when we have an empty nest next year, we'll think of something to do on weekends. By the way, Mark hates it when someone yells "ball's up" -- it's like, where do you expect it to be? Kinda' goes without saying.

What up with that?

This skit (featuring Kenan Thompson) on Saturday Night Live literally makes me cry. I've seen him do it twice -- and I start laughing during the intro. There are no clips on Youtube. Which also makes me cry.

David Lee Smith on CSI: MIAMI

He has an episode coming up soon and I'm happy. For all my friends who are also DLS fans, here's a little something for you (from Mending Fences). Giddyup. By the way, anybody who wants to discuss DLS can come here and behave completely foolish along with the rest of us. University of Alabama graduate DLS is the only reason you'll ever hear this Georgia girl say, "Roll Tide."

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  1. thx for posting the DLS pic! I now know which guy u are referring to on CSI (not bad as a cowboy either) ;)

  2. LOL! You should have just asked -- then you would have received!!

  3. Great thoughts for the New Year! Believe it or not, I have not read the Into the Wilderness series - I'm going to have to check these out..

  4. Bobbi, I think you'd enjoy them. Really great characters and well-researched. I loved the first one best but they are all good.

  5. my worry couldn't be hauled in a dump truck.. I think people everywhere are in disbelief.(DC). Thnx for keeping us intertained with your blog..

  6. I don't know, Glenn, sometimes I think people aren't in disbelief enough. I know I am.

  7. It is very bittersweet to say that I am looking forward to The Endless Forest. I am glad that there is a new book coming out, but I will be sad when I turn those last few pages, and that is the end of the story. It is made harder by the fact that there is no new book on the horizon from Sara/Rosina.

  8. I have really missed Rosina's blog, Marg, and really haven't known what was going on with her as far as writing. I hope she will write something else eventually.