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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Friday, December 3, 2010

The clock has stopped...

I added the "countdown" button shortly after I found out my first grandchild was on the way. As of today, his due date, the clock has stopped -- but, so far, no baby. There are still a few more hours left  -- he could still arrive on December 3rd but I'm kind of doubting it, unless Shannon goes into labor right now and delivers fairly quickly. I wonder what the percentage is of babies who come on their actual due date.

We jump every time the phone rings.

I thought he might come early, in November, and that may have been partly because of hoping against another day -- December 6th. That was the day my daddy died, a Sunday, in 1981, and the day one of our dogs, Butler, died, on a Saturday, two years ago. And, yet, the idea that something joyful might happen on that day is maybe a good reason to hope it is that day, after all. I know one thing, after birthing three babies myself, they'll come when they come and they'll come how they come, despite the best-laid plans.

Today was another "birth" of sorts -- I finally finished writing/editing/posting my latest story. It's always a bittersweet day when that happens -- I've lived and breathed Cade and Delaine for, strangely enough, about nine months now and today was the day I could finally write "The End." I've been quite worried about letting go -- these characters have grabbed me more than any others else I've written and to have their voices go quiet unnerves me. I need the break but hope it won't be long before a new set of voices start whispering, then shouting in my ear.

So, I am free...and waiting for someone else to break free and see the world for the very first time. It's probably a good thing we don't remember being born -- or what things look like when we first open our eyes. It would probably traumatize us for life.

So, here's to endings and beginnings...


  1. hear hear,,, and ya gotta be patient.. lol.
    I tried to get on your other site to read and i must be "blogginly challenged". I had the danges time. Is it stilll bup. I will try again..

  2. Yuku can be a little persnickety...but you should be able to read -- no joining or logging-in required if you just want to read (but you have to join to post). It could be your computer firewall or virus scanner thinks it's something evil...I promise you, it's not...