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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A few pet peeves...

I haven't done a pet peeve post in awhile, so I guess it's about time for one. I'm going to try not to be too political but since I stay rather irritated about that, it probably can't be helped:

*The whole idea that if one disagrees with President Obama that it makes one a racist.

Hmmm...wasn't having a black man in the Oval Office supposed to make things better instead of worse? And, out of curiosity, if someone doesn't agree with Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or fill-in-the-blank, what hateful name would you like to use then? Because, Lord knows, there has to be more to it than a simple disagreement with their policies.

*The President on David Letterman

If you're campaigning, sure, go ahead. A sitting president? No. I don't want to be entertained -- I want to be governed wisely. At the moment, it's a crapshoot.

*Bloggers who don't respond when you post on their blogs.

I know not every post deserves or needs a response but after someone has posted several times, would it be so hard to say "hello" or "thanks for dropping by"? I really don't have to drop by at all, you know.

Road rage

Hope your afterlife -- which may be coming soon at the rate you're going -- is much better than this one.

Being "friended" on Facebook

Okay, being "friended" is nice but if I don't know who you are, I'm not going to confirm you. Having "friends in common" doesn't make me any more likely to do so, either. If you really want to be my friend, send me a message and tell me who you are and why you want to be my friend. If you're just trying to run your numbers, up, I'm not the friend you're looking for.

Not knowing what folks are talking about on Facebook

I guess it's just me but, half the time, I don't really know what people are talking about. It's like I've stumbled into the middle of a conversation and I don't know the secret password.

People who say -- rather snootily -- when you ask them if they saw a certain TV show, "I never watch TV..."

Why don't you climb back up on your pedestal and stay there?

Robin Hood, Torchwood, Primeval

Not the endings we wanted. And where am I going to get my Richard Armitage fix now?

People who forget to take a good, long look at themselves in the mirror.

Why, yes, you, too, can behave stupidly, inappropriately, rudely and ignorantly.

*Lack of humor, especially combined with Political Correctness

Congratulations, you've just bored me to tears.


  1. I agree with your pet peeves. I would like to kick Jonas Armstrong in the shin for quitting Robin Hood. I keep tweeting BBCA and asking them to do a Guy of Gisborne show. They are ignoring me.

    But I will say that I have been guilty of not responding to people's comments on my email. Sometimes I just don't know what to say and sometimes I feel like I might be bothering them if I send them an email and then sometimes I'm just lazy.

  2. DVD's are great for getting your Richard Armitage fix over and over and over!

  3. Thanks, Robin!

    Yeah, Marg, about time to break out the North & South DVD!!

    April, yeah, a Guy show would be great -- if they hadn't killed him off, too! Of course, I sort of expected that but killing off Robin, well, that's just sort of out there, if you ask me. But so was killing off Marian so I shouldn't be so surprised at how things ended.

    I do understand that some blogs are too big and the blogger can't respond personally (either on the blog or by e-mail) to everybody -- and I certainly don't expect a response if I say something like "I agree" or "that's funny" or if I enter a contest -- but if I've made specific comments or asked questions (especially on "smaller" blogs), it's always a little frustrating if the blogger doesn't say something after I've posted a few times.

    Anyway, it's very easy for me to respond on this little blog -- maybe, if it were larger, my attitude would be different. At any rate, I just don't want anybody to feel they are being ignored. I have a message board, too, and I'm used to responding all the time on that so maybe that carries over to how I feel about blogs.

  4. Love your list.

    The racist thang -- "you can't win for losin'" has new meaning. LOL!

    No humor mixed with pc -- uh, those people must need to keep cases of milk of magnesia on hand.

    As for the Richard Armitage fix, Amazon now has a chunk of my money -- bought DVDs and a region free player to boot. But it's worth it. :D

  5. You're right, it's damn-if-you-do, damn-if-you-don't.

    I have several Richard Armitage DVDs -- time to start breaking them out until he's in something which will be broadcast over here!

  6. You are absoulutely right!!!!!.. Thank you very much for dropping by my blogs. After all, it is people like you, that I enjoy doing this so much.

  7. Lynn,

    I guess I've been on the net so long that I really don't expect anyone to respond to my posts on a blog, but I do appreciate responses. Thanks for being so thoughtful and encouraging it in others.


  8. Well, Glenn, I guess if we're all honest, we'd like people to read what we're writing -- maybe we'd do it anyway but it certainly makes it more pleasant if we get a few responses here and there!

    Lisa, if I ever become a famous, published author, I may not be so thoughtful! LOL!