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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Lasts of the Last

I've decided to take a stab at writing about what it's like to have my third and last child prepare to leave the nest.

When my other two left for college, it was difficult (but not heartrending -- that's what they're supposed to do, after all) but, when Carrie, affectionately known as Carebear -- or not-quite-as-affectionately as Princess by her older brother -- leaves, it will be different because there will be no more children behind her to take up the slack. Mark and I will be empty-nesters -- and it will be just the two of us again.

Back in the day, when it was just the two of us the first time, he was in medical school and we had no money for anything. He was in school for long hours, followed later by even longer, back-breaking hours in his internship and residency. For years, as an anesthesiologist, he toiled even longer hours -- some 80+ per week -- and he missed a lot of his children's activities (though he tried very hard to be there when he could). We were pretty much slaves to his schedule as far as family time went. A couple of years ago, he went back to "school" and did a fellowship in Pain Management and now, he has no call, no weekends and, although he makes less money, it's been well worth the trade-off on many levels. All of this is to say that, next year, when we have no kids at home, we'll be free to do what we want, when we want.

Well, within reason.

There's always a chance that Carrie will decide to do a year or two at the college here in town before she moves on (doubtful). And, I still have my "fourth child" to look after -- my mother (harder than a toddler, I must say). So, it's not quite complete freedom. And, oh, yeah, there are the furry and feathered members of the family to deal with as well.

So, as Carrie navigates through her senior year, I'll try to share some thoughts, some memories and some ideas about what the future may hold -- always mindful that, as we make our plans, God is sometimes chuckling behind our backs.


  1. I have an 8 year old and a baby, so I'm not there yet, but I can imagine how hard it would be to let go. My oldest, by the way, is Alannah and I noticed you have a link called 'Alannah;... to an article? I just thought that was interesting. Usually when I see her name it is spelled Alana or Alanna. My youngest daughter is Lorelei.

  2. Hi,Arleigh -- I love your blog -- I visit all the time!

    "Alannah" is one of the novels I've written -- it's huge -- 97 chapters I think -- it's sort of in the romance/time travel (though it's not really time travel)genre. It's one of the first things I'd written so it's pretty rough -- and when EZboard switched over to Yuku (message boards) much of the punctuation didn't "translate" - "Alannah" is so long that I've never attempted to correct it -- so readers have to muddle through. Also, "Alannah" is very adult. Very.