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Monday, October 5, 2009

All Dogs Go to Heaven...

Fifteen or so years ago, I informed my husband what I wanted for my 40th birthday -- a Boston Terrier puppy. I'd grown up with a Boston and, when I met Mark, the first thing that bonded us was the fact that he had two Bostons. A year later, we found out that his male Boston was the father of my Boston. Meant to be? I think you can safely say we were a match made in Heaven.

So, with my 40th on the horizon ( in 1999), I told him that was what I expected -- didn't want jewelry or a trip. I wanted a Boston Terrier. Mark being Mark, though, decided to ignore my timetable and, on Christmas morning, 1997, I got a big surprise in a tiny package. I named him Spencer after Princess Diana who had died (on my birthday) just a few months before.

Today, after a long, happy and fun-filled life, Spencer has left us. Blind and getting more feeble by the day, we knew it was a matter of time. But, as we've always done, we waited until we knew it was time to let go. This morning, I heard him crying -- if it wasn't him, it was a guardian angel letting me know that the day had arrived. I called Mark, then cradled Spencer in my arms, telling him he could go, that we'd be okay. I think, at some point today, he would have lost his battle on his own, but we just couldn't watch him do it.

So, now Stewart's Royal Spencer is getting a pat from Princess Diana, is diving in a pool (one of his favorite things) and is romping with Butler, Darcy, Casey and Dax and, best of all, he can see again. I just know he can.

As I've always said, only half-jokingly, "if there are no dogs in Heaven, I'm not going..."

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  1. I'm sorry, Lynn. I know how special pets can be to a family. Sending warm fuzzies your way....

  2. I'm so sorry, Lynn. I know just how you must feel. Yes, he's in Heaven and can see all the beautiful sights. Maybe he's playing with my Teddy.

  3. So sorry, Lynn.

    BTW, there has to be a dog heaven 'cause they're too sweet not to go to heaven.

  4. Sorry that you have lost another family member. Thinking of you all.

  5. I'm really sorry. It's very hard to lose a dog. My heart goes out to you.

  6. Sorry to hear this Lynn. I always think that our beloved animal companions never have long enough with us. And for what it's worth, I definitely believe there are dogs in heaven x

  7. Thanks to all for your good wishes, thoughts and prayers.

    We've sent too many across the rainbow bridge this year but, I have to say, I'm at peace today. Spencer lived a long and happy life -- he was the life of any party, smart as a whip and just a delight to have known and loved -- but it was his time to go. It has been much easier to take than the other two, who both went before their time -- except I guess it was their time -- it just wasn't my time to let them go. I miss Spencer today, though, but it's not so much the old, blind, sick Spencer I'm missing but the lively pup he used to be. I suppose, though, that's where the healing really begins -- with good memories.