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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I need to unload...

I'm beginning to wonder about my relationship with Paperbackswap.

I've always said I'd participate until I got tired of it -- or until they started charging a fee (depending on how much). I usually send out at least a couple of books per week but I'm taking in more than that. My to-be-read list has grown to gargantuan proportions. I'm sitting on over 60 credits. I suppose, what I need to do, is just that -- sit on them until books on my wish-list pop up. That way, instead of browsing around and adding books to my TBR list which I probably would have never chosen, otherwise, I can wait for the ones I really want. By the way, some of those which I would have never read -- other than because I had credits burning a hole in my pocket -- have turned out to be pretty good.

One of my big problems is my lack of reading time. It's not that I can't read fairly quickly or that I couldn't make more time -- I just don't. I tend to read only at night -- and I'm lucky to get through a chapter before I fall asleep. That means that it takes me forever to get through most books. So, while I'm struggling to finish one book, I have new ones coming in the mail nearly every day.

Somebody stop me.

I've given my daughter a few credits (at one point, I had 80+) and I'll probably give her more, if she continues with it or needs them. I've even offered a deal on PBS -- request 4 and I'll throw in one for "free". I'm at the point where I'm thinking it would be much better if I just gave the books away to Goodwill or something. My house is overloaded and I don't know when I'll be able to read all of these books.

I just gave my church's rummage sale two large boxes of books. And I have, in the past, had a book giveaway on my forum -- I've thought about doing that again but, while I have a good many "lurkers", I don't have that many people willing to post -- even to win a book. A free book. And I don't think this blog has enough traffic to warrant a contest, either. It's really not worth the effort to even have a contest unless there are multiple entries. I've also thought about contacting some of my favorite book bloggers and asking them if I could supply a book, here and there, for one of their contests. Anything to get rid of a few.

I'm addicted to books. I love reading them and I love having them. But something's got to give. Seriously. I am out of room. Again.

Anyway, I guess nobody ever died because they had too many books.

Unless they fell on them.

And, oh yeah, if you sign up with Paperbackswap using the link on the right-hand side of this blog, I get extra credits...

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  1. Lynn if I were not already signed up with paperbackswap, I would be happy to sign up via your link.

    BTW, I have the same problem, and I've found that trying to sell them is a big waste of time. We (my husband and I) get rid of at least about a 100 books a year, and I cannot keep up. I've got bookshelves full in every room of the house including all of my bathrooms, the garage and the basement where I have a room completely devoted to books from floor to ceiling. It is really absurd, but I love it. :D

    Maybe I need to start utilizing my paperbackswap account more so we can swap some books. LOL!

    Oh, and I'm in the middle of the Esther study right now myself. Really enjoying it.

  2. I turned one of my upstairs bedrooms into a library -- but my original plan was to use it for non-fiction and for the books I had finished but wanted to keep. I think there's enough room that I could devote a couple of shelves to un-read books. The downstairs guest bedroom had a built-in bookcase when we bought the house and I've always used that for my TBR shelf but it has completely overflowed. Anyway, my username at PBS is LIS859.

    I am enjoying the Esther study, too. Very interesting. Beth Moore can certainly make a mountain out of a molehil! LOL! And I don't mean that in a bad way!

  3. Too many books sounds like a great problem to have - better than not enough :)

    I have the same problem. How I wish I had more time to read.

  4. Stephanie, you are so right -- it would be a boring world without books -- so, yes, too many is much better than not enough. I doubt if I'll ever be in a situation where I have empty shelves!