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Sunday, October 25, 2009


When I was in elementary school, I used to rush home every afternoon to watch the spooky soap, Dark Shadows. I remember dreading Thursdays because I had Girl Scouts that day and had to miss it -- for any youngsters reading this, this was way back before there was such a thing as VCRs, not to mention TiVo -- if you weren't home to watch, you were out of luck. There was also no such thing as -- gasp -- the Internet -- if a show got canceled, you pretty much didn't know it until it was suddenly off the air. I can vividly remember the last episode of Dark Shadows -- I had no idea the end was near but suddenly they were tying up loose ends and saying something heartbreaking like "the dark shadows at Collinwood were no more" -- and that was that. I remember running outside, into the woods behind our house, and crying like a baby for a good solid hour.

One of my favorite characters on Dark Shadows was a ghost named Daphne, played by a very young, just-starting-0ut, Kate Jackson. I loved the character and I fell in love with the name. My first-born daughter, I insisted, would be Daphne. Well, I didn't take into account there'd be a husband who'd also get a vote and he nixed the name. It was not an argument worth pursuing -- you pick your battles and this was not one of them. We settled on Shannon, a name that pleased us both. By the way, I did get my wish with my son's name -- Wesley -- another name I'd desired since childhood -- though, for the life of me, I can't remember why.

I continued to love the name Daphne, though you don't hear it that often. There's a Daphne in Scooby-Doo, there was also a Daphne in the sitcom, Frasier -- and, there's author Daphne Du Maurier, one of my all-time favorites. The only real-life Daphne I "know" is Daphne, from Tanzanite's Shelf and Stuff (one of my favorite historical fiction blogs).

I'm really surprised that I never named one of my fictional characters Daphne. I don't know why I haven't -- but, then again, my characters pick their own names and nobody has ever chosen that one.

Yesterday, as many have suspected we would -- including anyone who read my last post -- we added another pup to our household. She's a little mutt who will probably grow up to be a medium-sized dog -- she's nearly all black except for a couple of white toes on her back feet and a white mark on her chest. We'd come up with several names -- chiefly Jorja (as in actress Jorja Fox) and Gretl (another Sound of Music name to go along with Liesl) but Carrie mentioned my old favorite and then I knew I was finally going to have a Daphne in my household -- not human but canine -- but you take what you can get.

So, say hello to Daphne...

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  1. Daphne is beautiful!

    I loved Dark Shadows. Especially when they went back in time. Loved Barnabas!

    The shows are on either tape or DVD's now.

  2. I love Dark Shadows! I own all the DVDS and I still watch 1 or 2 episodes a week. I thought Barnabas was so cool! I can't wait to see the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp version coming out next year!

  3. Lynne, I loved when they went back in time, too -- "parallel time", I think they called it.

    Bobbi, Mark was asking what I wanted for Christmas -- maybe I should ask for the DS DVDs!!

  4. So cute! No wonder you couldn't resist!

  5. Daphne is adorable.

    I'm chuckling at your memory. I could have written that except my Girl Scout Day was Wednesday. LOL!

    Oh, and does it matter why you picked Wesley. It's a great name. I get the image of the strong, silent type. Hmmm. Now I'm wondering if back then there was a tv character named Wesley who was strong. :D

  6. my goodness, what a cute puppy,,,

  7. Thanks for all the comments on my new cutie! What can I say -- I'm a softie for a puppy -- or grown dog for that matter!

    Bzirk -- I'm wondering if I got the name "Wesley" from John Wesley (the founder of Methodism). I was raised Baptist (am Methodist now) but I can remember studying about John Wesley (especially here in Georgia where he spent a lot of time and thought he failed miserably) so it could be that's where it came from -- other than that, I'm clueless!

  8. Adorable puppy!

    My mom watched the original Dark Shadows religiously and I have seen many episodes on the Chiller Network. Lol. I did watch the one season of the "new" Dark Shadows they did in the early 90s with Ben Cross as Barnabas.

    I am also looking forward to the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie coming out!

  9. The puppy is just adorable!!

    I never watched Dark Shadows - I might have to see if the library has it on DVD. And I remember those days befor VCR's as well!!

    As for the name, my dad actually picked out mine. He had been studying Greek Mythology in school, including the story of Daphne the water nymph who turned herself into a laurel tree in order to avoid the attentions of the god Apollo. When I was in high school there was actually another Daphne in my grade and one a year ahead of me. I've never met another since those days!!