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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm trying to be good although Santa has probably already looked at my behavior this year and said, "no dice". But here I am, less than two weeks before Christmas, scratching my head, wondering where the time went. I think I need to make a list and check it twice because I don't know what I have done or have yet to do.

The painting in the house is finished-- now we're just having a few odds and ends fixed. I still have to get my rooms back together -- many are still in turmoil. Not really a good time of year to turn the dining room -- which I've never used as a dining room -- into an actual dining room. I have a smaller table for the room I did use as a dining room being delivered on Friday. I hope it's all going to come together the way I'm seeing it in my head.

We do have a tree up! Yeah! It has lights and, I think, five ornaments on it -- but that's a start. Even though there isn't much time before Christmas now, I'm determined to do a little more decorating.

In the midst of all of this, we took a trip to Asheville, NC, over the weekend -- it wasn't a pleasure trip though I did get a chance to go to my two favorite artsy-fartsy stores. My Aunt Dot, who is my mother's lone surviving sibling, is in poor health and we took my mother to see her. My feeling, leaving my aunt's house, was that we might not see her again. On the way out, she gave me a couple of old Christmas ornaments so that I would remember her when she was gone. Can anyone say "lump in throat"?

We stayed in at the Inn on Main Street in Weaverville while we were there. It's an old Victorian house and I do believe there might have been a ghost in our room. I heard something which sounded like someone, wearing slippers, shuffling around our room but I was so tired I didn't even turn over to see what it was. The funny thing was that another couple heard what sounded like furniture being moved around in the middle of the night. Calling Jason and Grant...

Actually, the innkeeper told us that a ghost-hunting team (not sure if it was actually Ghosthunters) had called them and wanted to stake out the inn but the innkeepers declined because they didn't want a lot of ghost-loving people (I think he may have meant weird people) booking rooms, expecting to find a ghost, then being disappointed. They seemed rather impressed, though, that two different people heard odd noises during the same night -- and also that neither of us had read or heard anything beforehand about the B&B being haunted -- he did share some stories after he heard our experiences. I'm not sure whether I believe in such things but I do believe that there are things out there that we don't or can't understand.

Neville's (Boston Terrier) eye is better -- he does seem to be seeing out of it again -- we really thought he'd lost his sight in that eye but, hopefully, he'll have some, if not all, of his vision. I take him to the vet on Wednesday morning to have him checked out again. It's not like we could do anything if he had lost his vision but I didn't want to do nothing if there was something we could do.

The puppy (Daphne the mongrel) has worms again They keep telling me that tapeworms are caused by ingesting fleas. Okay, I got it but I've never had a dog that we had to keep re-treating -- and, yes, she's on flea control. Hopefully, we'll get it under control soon. The worms don't seem to bother her but all the humans are making faces.

Otherwise all is SNAFU around here as usual...

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  1. mercy me, you have been busy,, where or where do you get all the energy,,? :)

  2. I don't feel like I have enough energy -- and, believe me, I stay tired most of the time. Yesterday, after taking a dog to the vet, getting my hair cut and doing a few things for my mother, I would have died if I hadn't gotten a short nap!