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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Tyler Grady

I'm sure the last person you want weighing in on the American Idol debacle is someone old enough to be your mother. But weigh in, I shall.

I've been watching AI on and off since it premiered. Some years I've watched without emotional involvement, some years I've gotten a little too caught up. This was probably going to be another year of over-the-top emotions. That is until last Thursday night. Right now, though the TiVo is still set on season pass for AI, I'm not so sure I even want to watch.

I've never been 100% sure that AI is on the up and up as far as the voting or behind-the-scenes manipulations go, however, from the shocked looks on the two young men who should have been eliminated, I'm thinking nobody expected you to be gone so soon. Personally, I expected you to be in the Top Ten and was already thinking ahead to attending the AI tour in Charlotte, NC (where I've seen the show twice before). Now, I probably won't even look at the tour schedule.

People usually vote, during this competition, in two ways -- they vote each week for whoever they thought had the best vocals or they vote for one contestant, no matter what. I'm in the "one contestant" group. I picked you, in the auditions, and would have stuck with you through the whole thing. I was stunned that, for you, the whole thing ended with the first week of voting. I've yet to figure out why the judges criticized you for the very thing they praised you for before.

I'm still not sure what happened and maybe I'm just deluded. Maybe, because I was a teenager in the 70s, that type of music means a lot to me. Maybe because you remind me of my 22 year old son (before he cut all of his hair off -- and who, as far as I know, can't carry a note in a bucket but has taught himself to play the guitar -- and will take AC/DC over anything modern), I couldn't help but like you. Maybe it was simply your great voice. For whatever the reason, you were my pick -- even if I decide to watch AI for the rest of this season, I won't be voting.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Now, I could make this really personal and say that God didn't want me to get overwrought this year so he removed the contestant who would have accomplished that for me. But I don't think God works that way -- I think he just had another plan for you. I hope that plan will include a continuation of your musical hopes and dreams.

But, for now, go back to school, get your degree and don't fall out of trees. And don't get discouraged.

Well, that's the mama in me coming out.

But the fan in me just wants to scream YOU ROCK!!

So, take care. Kiss your mama. And keep on keeping on.

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  1. I hate to see all those kids get disappointed, especially if they got the short end of the stick..

  2. Well, on the one hand, anybody who tries out for AI (or any similar show) has to know, by now, what they're in for -- though I doubt if that makes it hurt any less. But, the thing that bothered me about this particular situation was how much the judges praised him for both his style (70s rocker) and substance (good voice -- and personality) and, then suddenly, turned on him for the same things they had praised him for. It was sort of bizarre, actually, even for AI -- I've seen the judges be plenty critical of folks but I think that was the first time I've seen ALL the judges do a complete turnaround. Tyler has gotten some flack for saying much the same thing but I totally agree with him -- whether he should have voiced that opinion, I don't know -- he was already off the show when he did -- so to hell with it, I say!! Anyway, it's just a silly show and I get too involved but it does leave me scratching my head sometimes.