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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Monday, April 27, 2009

What's in a name?

From The One-Minute Writer:

You've decided you want a new name--one that will reflect who you are. What is your new name?

There was a time when I probably would have changed my name in a heartbeat. I was named after an aunt -- Margaret, then given the middle name of Lynn -- which at that time was a popular thing to do (along with the name, Ann). Growing up, almost all my relatives -- except for the immediate family -- called me by both names, a very southern thing to do. I hated it back then. Hated it! Nowadays, if someone ever calls me that -- and some of my relatives still do -- I don't even grimace -- but I prefer being just "Lynn". No E. Two N's. That's who I am and I don't think any other name would fit me.

Of course, there are other names I love -- Shannon and Carrie being my favorites (along with Wesley but we're really talking girl names right now). If I'd ever had another girl, she probably would have been Rachel, maybe Laura. I chose my children's names early on -- was not one of those who had to see the child before naming. To me, they all fit their names perfectly. But, then again, I'm their mother and I chose them (with a little help from their dad).

I've never been one for nicknames, either. I gave my kids the names I wanted them to be called. I think some people call my son "Wes" but he'll always be Wesley to me. The only nicknames I actually would have used would have been "Meg" or "Maggie" or "Meggie" -- if I'd named one of the girls Margaret. Strangely enough, the name "Gretchen" comes from the name Margaret and I like that one a lot, too -- and you sure don't hear that one very often -- at least not in these parts.

I knew when it came to names I didn't want to give my kids any "out there" names but I didn't want them to have a name in the "top ten" either. I'm pretty satisfied that none of them have really easy-to-find-on-keychains names. I hope when they start naming kids (which I'm going to try like the devil to stay out of) that they'll choose names which the kids won't meet coming and coming.

By the way, I did have a problem giving up my maiden name for my married name -- I got over it as the years went by but I have reclaimed it as my "author" name.

So, I guess I'll keep my name but how about my "porn star" name -- for fun, take the name of the street you grew up on and an early pet's name:

Hello, I'm Dolly Toole.

Now, if that doesn't conjure up some images, I don't know what will...


  1. Wasn't the road we used to live on sussex??

    Casey Sussex (or Casey Woods) HAHAHAA

  2. It was Essex actually -- which doesn't pack the same punch as Sussex, when you think about it..