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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Please sir, may I have some more?

First of all, I may not agree with President Obama but I do respect the Office of the President -- so heckling him would be as foreign to me as, well, smoking a cigarette -- and I don't approve of anybody -- Republican congressmen included -- yelling in the middle of a speech. However, Congressman Wilson did apologize -- which is something. I've seen a lot of rude behavior -- on both sides of the fence -- where no apology was extended whatsoever. At any rate, I think it's up to President Obama whether he accepts the apology -- if he does, then we probably all should, too.

After the President's speech last night, my fear is that he either paid no attention or doesn't care -- not sure which is worse -- about what went on in this country during the month of August -- was all of that really irrelevant? I know it's been said that the protests were "organized" (maybe I'm dumb as a rock but I've yet to figure out why this is an issue -- in my experience, most rallies/protests are seldom spontaneous) or that folks were "put up" to being at the Townhall meetings. I'm sure both of those things are true in some cases -- but it doesn't mean that anybody who disagrees with the President should simply be dismissed out of hand. There is genuine and heartfelt dissent -- some of it misguided, yes, but some of it not. And dissent, the last time I checked, is protected by the Constitution. And, I can tell you this from my heart -- nobody likes to feel that they or their opinions don't matter.

What about the Republicans being against the healthcare bill but offering no solutions? Well, I'm not sure how this can be said considering that the Republican congressmen were not invited to the table during the process of crafting the bill in the first place. And, I've read plenty of alternative ideas -- from Republicans and others -- which have sound and valid points -- but there seems to be a blind eye where that is concerned. There does seem to be a noticeable bipartisanship in a White House which was supposed to be all-inclusive.

There is a lot of divisiveness going on and I don't think we can lay it all at the feet of Republicans and their supporters. I think there's enough blame to dole out hefty servings to everybody.

And seconds, as well.


  1. Well said. I avoided the speech though...I absolutely can not stomach listening to that man.

  2. I also think he took a few potshots -- I understand that he's frustrated and maybe angry -- but I think the President should be above the fray. There's also been some lashing out at certain media outlets -- maybe deserved, maybe not -- but I don't think that's in the President's job description either. I'm also tired of the bringing up of mistakes made in the past -- at some point, you have to stop harping on it -- it doesn't help anything.

  3. we are headed down a treacherous path and are being pushed by a bunch of blind followers of a misleading pied Piper.

  4. I try to be open to all ideas -- but I have to agree with you on this one.