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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What went right/what went wrong

Well, I'm happy to say that very little went wrong:

*The pianist hit a few clunkers as she was playing -- twice, at least, maybe three times. I was a little surprised because I'd heard her play before and she'd played very nicely -- even though she did mess up during the rehearsal (but told us it was because she was concentrating more on when to start each new piece and that made sense). Shannon never seemed aware of it, though one was when she was actually walking down the aisle. In the end though, not a big deal. But will be interesting to hear Shannon's reaction when she watches the DVD of the wedding. Maybe the videographers can "fix" it somehow!!

*The second pew (on each side of the church) was reserved for the mothers. I was on one side by myself (then Mark joined me after he "gave Shannon away"). My mother and Mark's stepmother were on the pew behind me, then other family members behind them. Greg's mother was supposed to be on a pew by herself -- with family members on the pew behind her (Greg has no living grandparents). But, for some reason, the family members were seated on the second pew, instead of the third. I'm pretty sure Greg's brothers and brother-in-law walked all of those folks down so I guess they just thought they were supposed to seat them there, though I know they were told to seat family on the third row, behind Greg's mom. Anyway, not a big deal -- it just looked a bit funny with me alone and her on a full pew!

*After the wedding, the bridal party was supposed to go around the outside of the church, then back inside so that we could finish taking pictures there -- but the photographer starting taking pictures outside and, by the time all of that was finished, the floral folks had already taken down all the decorations inside. Again, not really a big deal -- since it's the people in the photos that's the most important.

Other observations:

Having a person to direct everybody was great! I would heartily recommend asking or hiring someone to do that so that the bride and/or mother of the bride doesn't have to worry about anything!!

There were a lot of gifts brought to the church -- however, there were several people who came to the wedding who did not give a gift -- which is fine because, as far as I'm concerned, it's a person choice whether they give a gift (though, personally, I would never actually attend a wedding without giving a gift). Anyway, the problem is, there are some folks who I would be very surprised if they didn't give something -- but if nothing came before the wedding or was brought to the church, do I just assume that nothing was given? Because if I do and something was, that means it was never delivered. But how to ask someone if they sent a gift without sounding like you are, well, asking for a gift (which I'm not -- I just want to make sure that anyone who did gets a thank you note)? There are several items on her registries, though, which have been purchased but not received -- so that may solve the whole thing once they come in.

Speaking of gifts again -- Shannon got a lot of them -- it's ridiculous really -- and they got a lot of cash. I hate to belabor this point -- but I'm going to anyway: when possible, gifts should come from the bride's registry, unless you know a couple very well, know exactly what they'd like and/or how they will decorate their home. Shannon got several unique items -- which she will never, ever use.

I was very touched by the people who came to the wedding -- I knew who was supposed to be there because of the RSVPs but it was still very touching to have so many turn out. I was a little ticked (but not too much) that some of the folks who Mark works with didn't come (there were some who said they were coming but didn't). I understand that sometimes things get in the way -- including family crises or already planned trips or other parties (and it was Father's Day weekend) but I was a bit miffed (though, as I said, not very much -- just enough to say it bugged me a bit). I also had a cousin (who's quite a bit older than me and who my mother is very close to) say that she and her husband were coming (before the invitations even went out) but then I got the RSVP card back and they said they couldn't attend (but didn't say why -- not that people have to but, in this case, I thought they might)-- nor did they send Shannon anything. Now, again, I'm not saying that gift-giving is necessary but it's just surprising that they didn't do a little something just to acknowledge the day (I hope I'm not sounding greedy -- it's not that at all -- it's just the lack of acknowledgment, if that makes sense). I had several cousins who I sent invitations to (who I knew would come if they could but because of distance and/or ill-health probably wouldn't be able to get here) and all but this one sent Shannon a small check and wrote her very sweet cards. Anyway, my mother hasn't heard from this cousin lately either so maybe something is going on with them -- but, more than likely, if that was the case, someone in the family would know about it.

Let's see -- the weather cooperated pretty well -- it wasn't as hot as it had been -- but they didn't have the air turned down enough (in the church) in the area where we were dressing and it got pretty uncomfortable. We took a small fan with us and took turns standing over it!

My mother behaved herself -- I actually saw very little of her during the whole thing. I was too busy talking to everybody -- I was trying to mix and mingle but then realized the best and easiest thing was to let people come to me -- and they did.

The flower girl and the ring bearer were adorable. Hannah, Greg's niece, held her little brother's (Eli, who's 15 months) hand and they walked down the aisle. He was, as we say down heah, "barefooted as a yard dog"! His mother, Leslie (Greg's sister, who was a bridesmaid) brought some friends with them and they whisked Eli out of the church as soon as he did his thang. He did cry when he saw his mother but it only got a good laugh and then he was outta' there -- if they hadn't have done that, he would have cried the entire time, I'm sure. So, word to the wise, if you're having really young kids in the ceremony, have someone standing by to get them out of there in a hurry!

The bridesmaids' dresses were really pretty. I know that Leslie (see above) is going to shorten hers to wear on a cruise this summer!

The food was superb! And it should have been, considering!

Flowers were lovely -- the caterer also did the flowers -- and Shannon literally told him what colors she wanted and let him go from there -- so we didn't know what they'd look like until we saw them at the church! I have the bridal bouquet, the flower girl's "kissing ball" and Carrie's bouquet hanging to dry -- I looked up on the internet to see what I needed to do -- so I hope it works!!

Am also working on freezing the top part of the cake -- if it tastes gross in a year's time, oh, well -- at least they'll have it!

We made a photoshow to play at the wedding -- Shannon had no idea -- I think it was the only time she really cried! If we can figure it out, we'll try to post it on Youtube or somewhere so that you can see it.

Believe it or not, I didn't shed a tear. I think I just went into the "zone" and I made it through without falling apart. I felt a bit misty-eyed when the bridesmaids began coming down the aisle but, after that, everything was okay. When Mark and I started walking down the aisle together (we had the husbands of the two mothers seat their wives), I said to him, "This is weird" -- and I think a few folks probably heard me...LOL!

We didn't have a DJ -- but Shannon made a CD and that played at the reception. She had a first dance with Greg, then danced with Mark to a song called "I Loved You First". It was the only time I saw Mark cry.

Carrie, on the other hand, did her job (maid of honor) superbly -- but was fighting tears the whole time -- and, after it was over, she was boo-hooing. Not sure if it was just from the emotions of the day or she was just glad it was over. Maybe a little of both.

Carrie caught the bouquet and Wesley caught the garter. Jeez.

And, oh yeah, Shannon was gorgeous. I know I'm her mother but she was.

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