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Friday, January 30, 2009

David Lee Smith...

where are you?!

No, David is not some long lost classmate or anyone that I even know personally. He's an actor who, for several years, has popped up occasionally -- but routinely -- on CSI:MIAMI as that dastardly Rick Stetler, Horatio Caine's nemesis in the Miami/Dade crime department.

When the new fall season started, I wasn't that excited -- there are some shows I'm addicted to but most are on cable -- the one thing I was looking forward to was an appearance by David Lee Smith on MIAMI. But, it's now well into the new year and there's been nary a sign. What's up?

I check IMDB pretty regularly for my favorite actors -- just to see what they're up to -- but there's been nothing new about David Lee since he was last on CSI:MIAMI (May, 2008). So, I'm wondering -- what's he doing -- and why isn't he back on MIAMI? He makes a great foil for Horatio and I always wondered why they didn't have Stetler on more often. At any rate, his absence is annoying me greatly.

So, did the Powers-that-Be decide not to have Stetler appear? Or did David Lee Smith elect not to appear again? Or is he off somewhere making another TV show or maybe a movie -- and, for whatever reason, it's not showed up on IMBD? I know that he's appeared, in small parts, in several of director David Fincher's films -- alas, as far as I can tell, he does not appear in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON -- which I still have not seen even though I have a forum for Jason Flemyng who does appear.

So, I'm having a serious case of David Lee Smith/Rick Stetler withdrawal. It's not helping that the plotlines on CSI:MIAMI have gotten more and more absurd. I mean, please, if they need to drop a recurring character, drop Julia Winston -- the character is ridiculous as is the whole scenario with Horatio's long lost son who he didn't know he had but recognized immediately (just by looking at him!) as his offspring...ugh...

Anyway, here's to a great bad guy -- Rick Stetler -- and the actor who portrays him, David Lee Smith.

By the way, I have a small section devoted to DLS on my personal forum and there is a brand new Yahoo group as well.

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