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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


First of all, let it been known that I was just wandering through Borders buying erotica.

No, it's not something I usually do but I feel compelled to read Colette Gale's novels -- her first one was Unmasqued about the Phantom of the Opera (who knew the guy was that talented?), then there was Master, about the Count of Monte Cristo (I'm seeing Gilles Marini in the title role -- oui, oui!)), now there's Bound by Honor, about Maid Marian and Robin Hood. And the Sheriff of Nottingham who I like to refer to, for this particular piece, as the Sheriff of Naughtyham. Anyway, what's a nice respectable woman like me doing buying erotica? Since you can't see me, just know that I'm shrugging dramatically.

Anyway, they've changed things around in Borders so that there's one line for the checkout. Everyone stands in this one line until the cashier calls out for the next person. If there's more than one cashier, then you go to whoever finishes first. Easy and works very well.

But why is it that some folks can't seem to grasp this concept? Today, there was nobody in line -- and no cashier, either, for that matter -- but I waited, good girl that I am -- notwithstanding my occasional forays into reading above material -- and occasional forays into almost-but-not-quite writing it -- right where I was supposed to. When the cashier arrived (within seconds), I went directly to her and was almost immediately aware that someone was breathing down my neck.

Now, for a moment, I thought (hoped?) that the novel had come to life but, no, it was an elderly man who, for whatever reason, did not wait where he should have. And, in fact, I think he actually stepped across the barrier (mostly made out of piles of books) which plainly indicates to anyone who's paying attention, "don't cross this line". I'm not blaming the guy because he was elderly -- I'm just trying to be descriptive -- I've seen plenty of other people, of all ages, do the same thing. I'm pretty sure that there was already somebody in line behind me by this point -- so they should have been next.

Of course, the cashier didn't say anything to him -- I suppose it's easier to just let folks get away with stuff rather than call attention to it -- but I think that's one of the reasons (along with not being taught manners at home) that people tend to be rude and so uncaring about others.

Anyway, at least I've got a fun book out of the deal.

Ooops...there's that guy again...sorry but I did say Robin Hood so that means an automatic inclusion of a photo of Richard Armitage...

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