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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Friday, May 15, 2009

Won't you take me to funkytown...

I'm always thinking about my all-time favorite books -- the list shifts and changes as I read new material but there are always a few that remain solidly in my Top Ten. This got me thinking about another list -- favorite songs.

Now, I've lived on this earth long enough that I suffered through disco and, yet, there are some songs, from that time, that make me want to get up and dance. Not that that's anything you'd want to see. Dancing with the Stars is not calling. Maybe Dancing with the Woefully Out of Shape Who Have No Rhythm will.

Anyway, in no particular order -- and, by no means an exhaustive list -- I thought I'd share some of my favorites. There's no accounting for taste here -- just a few songs -- some old, some new -- which strike my fancy.

*Funkytown -- Lipps, Inc.
(figured I'd start with this one because I can't explain the effect it has on me)

*You Dropped a Bomb on Me -- the Gap Band
(same as above)

*Midnight Train to Georgia -- Gladys Knight and the Pips
(gotta' love the reference to Georgia -- and where would any of us be without our pips?)

*Family of Man -- Three Dog Night
*Night in the City -- Three Dog Night
*Shambala -- Three Dog Night
(the harmonies are always what gets me with these guys)

*Pour Some Sugar On Me -- Def Leppard
(for the headbanger in me still trying to get out)

*Sunday Morning -- Maroon 5
Wake-up Call -- Maroon5
(love Maroon 5...Wake-Up Call is actually my cellphone ringtone)

*Edge of Seventeen -- Stevie Nicks
*Leather and Lace -- Stevie Nicks
(always loved Stevie Nicks)

*How Deep it Goes -- Heart
*Crazy on You -- Heart

*Alone -- Heart
*Magic Man -- Heart
(loved Heart even more)

*Look What You've Done to Me -- Boz Scaggs
(best slow song ever and I'm not really a slow-song kind of girl)

*Anything Adam Chooses to Sing for the Rest of his Natural Life -- Adam Lambert

If you thought I could write a post without mentioning Adam, you were sadly mistaken...


  1. Ah, I can see I'm a lot older than you! I know Midnight Train to Georgia and I've heard songs by 3 Dog Night, but not the ones you've mentioned.

    My favorite songs come from the late 50's and early to mid 60's. Singers like Bobby Rydell, Bobby Darin, a Philly group called The Kit Kats - the kind of songs that Dick Clark played on Bandstand before it got strange and moved to LA.

    I haven't watched American Idol this year, but I've heard a lot about your boy Adam. I might have to watch the final just to see what all the hoopla is about. My absolute favorite on AI was Elliott Yamin (season 5 I think). I loved his versions of Home, If I Can Dream, and It Had to be You.

  2. My American Bandstand days were after they moved to LA...I'll be 50 this summer -- so I'm no young thang...which makes my obsession with Adam all the more disturbing...

    Adam isn't for everybody -- I will admit to that -- but to the rocker-chick/glam-rocker in me, well, he's all that and a bag of potato chips. And I do love me some potato chips.

    I sat out two seasons of AI -- and one was the year Elliot Yamin was on -- but I know who he is. I don't think I've heard him sing, though.

  3. Your obsession with Adam is entertaining me no end! LOL!

  4. Just another service I offer...LOL!

  5. Ok, I take previous statement back. You are more pathetic than me - not even I could begin a post talking about books and end it with Adam Lambert. But I am still a fairly pathetic 39-year-old with a major Adam crush. My only thing - if the gay rumors are true, damn that is a waste of good man flesh!

  6. Isn't it though?! Damn is right. And I'll go ahead and take the "pathetic crown" so it won't burden anybody else -- I'm already used to wearing it!