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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodbye, Michael

I guess they eulogized Michael Jackson today. I didn't watch any of it. I grew up in the heyday of the Jackson 5 (and the Osmond Brothers) and that's how I prefer to remember MJ.

Innocent, healthy and black.

I'm sure he deserved to be memorialized but I'm not so sure it needed to be a full-blown media event. Nor do I believe that all the people crying in the streets really gave a flying fig about Michael. Seems that folks come out of the woodwork when someone famous dies and then slither right back in when the spotlight is gone.

Now, comes the hounding of everyone who's connected to Michael -- children, brothers, family. The interesting thing will be to see who will try to get 15 minutes of fame out of being related in some way to the King of Pop. Michael has left a mess behind -- but, then again, most people do who died the way he did -- relatively young and under unusual circumstances.

It always comes down to the kids -- I hope they will have a normal, stable life -- though, right now, that's probably too much to ask. And I hope the life they were already leading wasn't the freak show it appeared to be.

RIP, MJ, your talent will live on.


  1. I'm the same age as MJ, and so quite naturally I've been aware of/followed his career (sometimes more than others) for a good part of my life. I thought I would have more feelings about him passing. In fact, I started feeling bad for not having some grief over his death. I started to examine my thinking about him, and it occurred to me that I had already mourned his death. The Michael I knew ceased to exist about 20 years ago.

    That aside, I feel so sorry for his children. They will now be hounded by the press, and I doubt MJ's opportunistic dad will shield them as he should. Sad.

  2. You have put that very well -- I had not thought about it that way but you're right -- the MJ of later years was not the same as the one I knew in my (and his) youth. I know we all change but his change was drastic. I, too, couldn't seem to summon up any grief about his death, though Farrah's made me twinge a bit.