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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Joey Molland & Badfinger

I had a wacky dream last night. Well, I suppose it was no wackier than usual but it made me look up someone, on the internet, I hadn't thought of in a long time.

I dreamed I was at a concert (various artists -- none whom I knew) and, after the show, some of the acts were signing autographs and selling merchandise/CDs. Okay, that sounds pretty normal -- but did I mention that when I was at the concert, I was a teenager and by the time I got to the signing, I was my present age? Anyway, some of the musicians had not performed in the concert and I was delighted to find one Joey Molland, who was, at one time, a member of a band I adored -- Badfinger.

Anyway, this dang dream must have gone on for an hour -- I told Joey about how Badfinger had been one of my favorites (who, my age, can forget Baby Blue or Day After Day?) and how I'd seen them in concert when I was around twelve (what older performer really wants to hear that -- I suppose it's better than telling someone your grandmother loved them). Anyway, Joey wasn't selling anything -- I wanted to buy a CD 0r something but he had nothing. Finally, after rooting around in his booth, he came up with something, which he gave me. I don't know what it was but I was thrilled to get it. And, when I got up this morning, I immediately got online to see what Joey has been up to lately.

The saga of the Badfinger line-up I knew was not a happy one -- of the four members, two committed suicide and one died of natural causes a few years ago. When I woke this morning, after dreaming of Joey, I thought, no, not you, too. But, as far as I can tell, Joey is still alive and kicking.

Sometimes I long to tell these people what they meant to me. I'm not a musician or a singer -- so I can't claim that kind of influence -- but Badfinger, like Three Dog Night, Black Oak Arkansas, Alice Cooper and KISS were my soundtrack of the 70's. But I'm sure plenty of folks have told them the same thing and I'd just be one more babbling voice not making much sense -- but I'd like to tell him about seeing the band in Macon, Georgia, and how I ran back inside, after everyone was gone, and saw them putting away their instruments. All I remember is yelling at Pete Ham -- who waved and smiled -- before I was escorted out by a policeman. I did not resist, by the way, and it was worth it.

I enjoyed "visiting" with Joey last night, even if it was only in my dreams. Now, it's time to put in a Badfinger CD and let the memories flow.


  1. When I was a kid in junior high I wore out my 45 of "Come and Get It" and "No Matter What." But I remember they had a bunch of other songs I liked such as "Meanwhile Back at the Ranch."

  2. I loved them -- they were right up my alley -- British and a little rough around the edges!!

  3. Hey Lynne, nice to see your posting. I met most of the members some time ago, and wrote a story about my contact. You can read it at www.fortunesicons.com/blog and check the great rock photos at fortunesicons.com by my friend James Fortune.
    Brooke Saunders
    Richmond VA

  4. Hi Brooke -- thanks for dropping by -- I'll definitely check your story and photos!

  5. another diehard Badfinger fan since the 70's (especially one Mr.JM) here. I'm thrilled at all the stuff I'm finding on the internet about Badfinger. I'm also quite discouraged at how the only surviving member seems to be the focus of some people's anger.
    Wish I knew the real story. I also would like to find more videos on some of their past performances.
    And I have yet to dream about Mr Joey Molland, you lucky lady!!

  6. The dream spurred me to look up Joey on the internet -- like you, I found a lot -- it was good to read up on him and see what he's been doing in the last few years. I was sorry to hear that his wife had died -- very sad. And I hate for folks to be angry with him -- those were tough times, back then, for all of them.

    I would love to see him in concert one day -- I saw another of my 70's loves last year -- Three Dog Night -- and they were fabulous! I was having a huge flashback!!

    Thanks for dropping in and sharing the Joey-love!