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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've never been a romantic -- candlelight dinners and sweet nothings just don't do it for me and never did. Most of the things I find romantic probably wouldn't pass muster with most people -- for example, for me, Dracula (1992, with Gary Oldman as Drac) is one of the most romantic films of all time. It's hard for me to explain why -- beyond my fascination for vampires in general -- but the words Dracula utters to Mina, "I have crossed oceans of time to find you," pretty much says it all. Who wouldn't love a guy like that, fangs and all?!

There's still a little snow on the ground here but the temps are in the low 50s so I don't think it'll remain much longer. It's amazing how bright everything looks when reflected off of snow. I'm glad we got a little of it -- I doubt if there'll be any more for us this year -- but you never know. If there is, we'll deal with it like we always do -- everything will shut down and we'll all get a little loopy. At any rate, if there had been snow today and we had nothing to do but sit by the fire, I probably would've found that romantic.

Perhaps what is truly romantic is whatever is different from a day to day life. That could be, for some, getting flowers and candy but, for others, might be just having your significant other do a load of laundry (and put the clothes up) or empty the dishwasher (and put the dishes up). Nothing really says I love you more than doing something which you don't necessarily want to do but you do it anyway because you know it would make someone happy.

Sometimes I think we spend way too much time in a frenzy of gift-giving that we forget to really figure out what makes a person feel the most loved.

Maybe sometimes, we just need to ask.

And then we need to listen to the answer.

Personally, I'm going to try to do better on that account -- not just on Valentine's Day but every day.

Maybe, here and there, I'll get it just right.

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  1. very true,,, it is interesting that there are so many interpretations, isnt it.

  2. Listening is a lot harder than hearing...

  3. These are very, very wise words! I confess, I hate that I am a very poor listener sometimes. It's infuriating because I love it so much when someone is an attentive listener to ME. I've been actively working to get better at it, and I'm so thrilled that you chose to write about this in your post. I couldn't agree more with what you wrote!

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. I'm your newest follower!

  4. Well, thank you for following -- I shall return the favor!

    Yeah, listening is an art, I think!

  5. Excellent post, Lynn, and a great reminder for me. I definitely need to be more attentive.

    But I admit to being a romantic, and I don't like candelit dinners and sweet nothings. I'm not big on Valentine's either. Just the thought of those things makes me kind of queasy. But hey, who died and made those things the arbiter of romance? Someone on Madison Ave. no doubt.

    I like your definition with Gary Oldham much better.