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Thursday, May 20, 2010


No, I'm not talking about Arizona - I'm going to let them figure out what they need to do on their own. I can't solve all the world's problems -- sometimes I can't even solve the ones in my own household so, Arizona, you have my permission to do your thing without my input.

There is one thing I do have control over, though -- the TV remote. If anybody ever needs my fingerprints, that would be a good place to start. I've been through several computer keyboards because I wear the letters off -- likewise with the remote (though, let's be fair, it's not just me). I do most of my TV watching by "shi
fting" -- because my TiVo and I are thisclose, commercials have become the enemy. Yeah, I know -- it's how they pay their bills -- but, at this point, if I have to watch something with commercials, I'm likely to say no thanks.

This TV season has been one of going cold turkey -- I guess maybe I get fed up quicker these days -- but, once I do, that's it. Boycott isn't really the correct word to use -- it's not that I'm protesting so much as I'm just at the point of y'all may carry on without me.

I ditched American Idol as soon as Tyler Grady was eliminated from the Top 24. Yeah, I know he must have gotten fewer votes but the judges comments -- and I do like a bit of Simon Cowell -- irritated me enough to make me quit. I do know who made the final two but only because you really can't avoid it if you can read or hear. However, the TiVo is still recording the show so I guess it's still being counted for ratings purposes. My bad.

I also dumped True B
lood. I love vampires -- always have -- and sexy ones, like Bill, are right up my alley. But they crossed a line and my interest waned. I won't go into all of that because it involves religion -- let's just say I'm perfectly capable of enjoying and laughing at almost anything -- even if it's totally opposite to what I believe - but, there comes a point, where I'm just not laughing anymore -- and it's an hour of time I'll never get back. It's the same way I feel about books -- life is too short to read something you want to heave against the wall.

So, ba-doop, ba-doop.

But now it comes down to CSI:MIAMI

The show has be
en silly for the last couple of seasons -- probably not what they've been aiming for -- or maybe it's just my prickly sensitivities. One of the absolutely worst storylines involved Horatio and his former lover, Julia. I don't know even know where to begin but it was just downright stupid. I can't even get into the details because it makes my mouth curl up real ugly.

And then there's the Calleigh/Eric thing. Please. Just. Stop. It doesn't work on any level and it has dragged on for much too long with not much to show for it. Mismatched, no sparks -- I know what they say about opposites attracting but, sometimes, opposites just need to remain in separate corners. Now, along with my curled lip, I'm rolling my eyes.

Anybody who's been
reading my blog or forum knows that my favorite moments in CSI:MIAMI revolved around the recurring character of Rick Stetler. Call him a jerk, call him arrogant -- he was Horatio's nemesis and was exactly what he was supposed to be. All I know is that the character wasn't brought in nearly enough.

Then, suddenly, it was Christmas in May. Three episodes in a row with Stetler -- but, what should have been joy, turned into a really bad feeling, really quick. A lot of talk about "inside jobs" and a "long-time character going down". And then a Hollywood source pretty much confirmed it -- though hope sprang eternal until the end.

I have watched CSI:MIAMI since it premiered -- in fact, I tuned into MIAMI before I watched the original CSI. I don't know why -- probably because it came on directly after Everybody Loves Raymond or Becker 0r something (I guess there is something to a lead-in show). And, probably, because I live in Georgia but have never been to Miami, it just seemed closer to home than Las Vegas. By the time Rick Stetler popped up in the second season, I was already hooked on the show. Stetler was, from the beginning, a thorn in Horatio's side -- I enjoyed the character but, honestly, I didn't pay much attention to who was playing the part. In fact, it wasn't until later on that my discerning ears told me that the actor had to be from the south -- people can fake southern accents but, to another southerner, they usually sound, well, fake -- so I looked him up on IMDB and found out that my ears had not deceived me. That pretty much tipped me over the edge and I became not only a Rick Stetler fan but a David Lee Smith fan as well.

But, last Monday, Miami said goodbye, in an absurd and totally out-of-character way, to Rick Stetler. They came up with some lame-ass back story which never had been peeped at and, over night (or so it seemed), Rick was not only a thief but a murderer.

Oh, no they didn't.

Well, yeah, they did. I do declare and bless his heart.

Telling myself, over and over, that it's just a TV show is not working for me. I'm still trembling with outrage. Okay, alright. I'm just massively irked.

Se, the thing is, until now, I could always depend on Rick showing up at some point -- so there was always something to look forward to, even if his appearances were few and far between (and usually way too brief). Now, I'm wondering -- do I even bother to keep watching?

But, here's the other thing. I've got some real long-term emotion invested in CSI:MIAMI -- even beyond Rick Stetler and David Lee Smith. All of these characters have been coming into my home for years (except for Jesse and Walter, neither to whom I've warmed). And, even though plots have been on the squirrel side of nutty, the show has always been fun. I don't know that I can just walk away.

I will say this, though, Rick Stetler's swan song gave David Lee Smith a chance to really shine (and let that Alabama accent come out, front and center) and, for that, it was almost worth it. Almost. If I had my way, I would rather he still be on the show occasionally than be gone forever. But they did not ask my opinion though I have not been shy about giving it to them, anyway -- before and after.

So, here's a toast to Rick Stetler -- gone but not forgotten -- and David Lee Smith -- I'll be checking IMDB obsessively...

And I'll probably continue to watch CSI:MIAMI. There's one episode left in this season -- will they even mention Stetler (as it was a pretty big damn deal what happened) or will it be as if he never existed? I keep thinking of ways to bring him back -- the possibilities are endless.

Here's an idea -- just let me write a script -- I'll work something out.

CSI:MIAMI moves to Sunday nights this fall. CSI:NEW YORK moves to Friday.

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  1. lol,, not sure i am attached to any TV show, but where did all the "good ones"? Why do they all have to be polictical assinations, one way or antoher,, anyhow,,where is Red Skeleton when you need him.

  2. Red Skeleton, Carol Burnett -- some of the funniest stuff ever (and I'm really showing my age here) but none of them would fly these days.

  3. that was a STRANGE episode!!!! lol!! But I prob wont be able to stop watching either

  4. Daddy came in and started playing the last few minutes yesterday (trying to get my goat) but then he said, "that was totally out-of-character." So, I've been vindicated. But I'm still fuming...