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Monday, October 4, 2010

Long overdue David Lee Smith post...

Last night was the season premiere of one of my favorite shows. Or it was. I'm not so sure anymore. I've watched CSI:MIAMI since its first airing -- started watching it, actually, before I started watching the original CSI.

Everything was going pretty good on MIAMI until a couple of seasons ago. The character of "Julia" was introduced and, as it turned out, she and Horatio Caine had a son. I think I've said this before but it's worth repeating -- nothing against Elizabeth Berkley but her appearance as Horatio's former lover had to be one of the worst casting decisions ever. She was around for a few episodes; the son for a few more -- then he got shipped off to Iraq or something -- I can't even remember. The "big deal" became a "so what."

Then there is the Calleigh/Eric lovefest. Gag me with the proverbial spoon. I have hated this from the first time she blinked her lovely eyes his way. I do know that two people who have never looked at one another in that way can suddenly find themselves in love (or lust) but this has been on the silly side from the get-go. There are plenty of fans out there that absolutely love this pairing -- I'm just not one of them. I like Emily Proctor, who plays Calleigh, but I just don't see or get the chemistry between her and Adam Rodriquez. But, then again, when Adam left the show for a short period, I didn't miss him so maybe he's the element that really doesn't move me.

But here's the real problem.

In seasons past, the one very bright spot in the CSI:MIAMI universe has always been the anticipation of an appearance by Horatio's nemesis, Rick Stetler. He might only appear for two minutes in a few episodes per season but I always knew there would be tension between him and Horatio (and other team members) when he did. I don't know how or when it happened but I became a huge fan of the actor, David Lee Smith, who portrayed Rick. What's bugging me is that I just had to write that word in the past tense -- portrayed instead of portrays. They basically took his character, turned him into something he wasn't (a thief and, worse, a murderer) and sent him packing. For those people who watched this with glee, please. You remove all the "villains" from a show and what have you got? Hmmm...how about the above-mentioned Calleigh/Eric icky slobberfest?

So, as I watched the season premiere of CSI:MIAMI, I realized (as I expected) that I wasn't feeling the usual anticipation and delight at seeing "old friends" on my TV screen. They wrapped this particular psychopath-story up in record time -- and it contained more holes than a hunk of Swiss cheese. And, of course, Jesse died. Jesse was played by Eddie Cibrian who was brought on, to much fanfare, when Adam Rodriquez (see above) left the show. Of course, Adam's return pretty much put the nail in the coffin for Eddie -- they couldn't possibly have two pretty boys so one had to go. Last hired, first fired, I guess. The show was anti-climatic because I, as well as most fans of the show, knew that Eddie had not been offered a new contract. So, it was pretty clear that he would not be getting up from the poison gas attack in the lab.

Well, I don't really care. They could have all stayed on the floor as far as I'm concerned. I'll probably keep watching, out of habit, but I'm no longer enamored, though hope springs eternal -- they've brought characters back from the dead, so why not back from prison? And, anyway, I don't have a problem seeing Stetler in an orange jumpsuit -- it would go along with all the crazy-colored shirts and ties they always put him in, anyway.

I've got a Facebook fan group (as well as a small section on my personal forum) for David Lee Smith (links on right-hand side of blog) and I'll carry on with my copious complaining and whining. It may not do one bit of good but it sure makes me feel better.

It's going to get worse, though, before it gets better. I'm almost finished with writing/editing a novel in which I use DLS as my "muse". If you don't write, you may not understand this entirely but letting a story and characters go -- after they've been living and speaking (and Cade has been speaking in a glorious Alabama accent, which I hear perfectly because I'm right next-door in Georgia) -- in my head, is not easy. Knowing that Stetler is not going to be popping up on CSI:MIAMI makes it even more difficult to let go. It's like losing him twice. I don't expect everyone to understand my chaotic brain but that's how I roll. So, expect more bitterness in the near future.

Really, all I need is for David Lee Smith to show up, as a recurring character (or even just a guest spot, at this point) in some other show. If and when that happens, I'll consider forgiving CSI:MIAMI. But, until then, I'm holding a grudge.

(Thanks to Anne for the The David Lee Smith Society banner)

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