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Monday, August 4, 2008

Can there really be a Robin without a Marian?

Okay, so this isn't Robin or Marian...but, hey...

I watched the second season of the BBC's ROBIN HOOD awhile back. Yeah, I know -- I should have waited for it to premiere on American TV but I'm going to buy the DVD set, anyway, so there. For anyone Stateside who's just seen the last episode of season two, you know the stunner at the end. Marian dies at the hand of Guy of Gisborne. Now, it's been said that the show had gotten a bit stagnant (in fact I think I said it) because it was just more of the same every week -- The Sheriff being naughty (the Sheriff of Naughtyham, perhaps?), Guy having flashes of goodness seeping out of his tight black leather...oh...sorry...I lost my train of thought...Robin saving the day. And Marian being annoying. Okay, I've said it. Marian was annoying. Which is maybe why I'm not as torn up about these turn of events like some folks are. Still, Robin without Marian? Can it be so? It just doesn't seem right. I keep thinking it's all a bad dream. But whose?


  1. It's hard to imagine but there is an interview with Richard Armitage here where he talks a bit about what happens in season 3.

  2. It will be interesting to see how they bring Guy's sister into the storyline!