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When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger...Epictetus

Friday, February 13, 2009

Roses are red...so is blood..

A friend of ours has a young cousin who's here at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center -- you may have heard of it -- it's where Travis Barker and DJ AM were brought after their plane crash in South Carolina. Burn patients, as you may know, often require blood transfusions so, often, the blood center here asks for donations to help replenish the supply -- donations aren't necessarily given to the victim but are used as a credit toward what the patient needs and also serves to build the blood supply back up as it gets used.

I've only donated blood a few times -- I have tiny veins and, sometimes, even getting a couple of tubes of blood out of me for blood work is a chore so I don't always think about donating the way I should. I thought they were going to say no today -- my hubby was already finished donating by the time they got me going -- but they ended up being successful.

I've often thought about being a bone marrow donor -- but I haven't worked up to that one yet. The testing is easy but the actual harvesting of the marrow can be pretty rough, so I've heard. I've got a high pain tolerance but I don't know whether I'm ready for that yet. I should do it, though. Just because.

Anyway, if you are able to donate blood, please do. You'll never know who you helped but you'll know you helped someone.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day -- another holiday for gift-giving and all that mushy stuff. But, it's also a day to tell someone you care about them. This year, by giving blood, I think I told someone I don't even know.

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